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Knight Raiders Special Warfare Division, The birth of an idea and concept.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

KR Div, Original concept Part VII, Chain of Command, Ranks and Formation.

Chain of Command:
As stated in the opening post what i COULD do, and in the case of becoming King by merging with a country(less likely and less interested by the day).
It must become part of the country's Armed Forces in some shape or form.
While not fighting under the actual country's flag retaining the international standing it should have.
This however can be achieved by having the Chief of Staff of the armed forces assume the rank of Grand Marshall.
Also where possible have oversight by the Military Police on legal matters and enforcement.

Ranks obtained in your country of origin remain, you will have the same rank or equivalent.
Rise in rank should be up to the country of origin with a recommendation of the KR Commander.
In short promotion is done in conjunction with the country of origin because in the case of the enlisted/NCO or Officer returns home and resumes active duty the rank travels with him/her.
Using the NATO reference codes since working out a new system would be redundant but adding the ranks of Grand Master(OF-12, ******), Grand Marshall(OF-11, *****) and Command Sergeant-Major (OR-10) to the command chain.
Besides the regular ranks, OF-10 - OF-1, OR-10 - OR 1.

Formations Selection:
After some research the conclusion is that a Brigade does not give the options to be independent.
The brigade formation currently being looked at is becoming way to big.
Normal brigade would be 3/6 Battalions but now current set-up comes it down to 8.
7 Battalions and the brigade HHC becoming also Battalion size.
And there is a need increase for support to ensure safety of enlisted personnel.
Providing to little support would put a strain on logistics/maintenance and performance.
Military equipment/vehicles require more maintenance/checks to ensure safety.
Cutting corners will lead to injury's and fatal injury's what would be a disaster.

This leaves only one option is to go Division size but a special Division
A Division sized formation with a integrated air wing replacing one of the Brigades.
With being capable of operating independent on a global scale as proposed above.
The Division will consist of 3 Brigades and 2 wings.
1st/2nd Brigade will house all the combat Battalions.
3rd Brigade will house all the support Battalions, 1st/2nd Wing housing the air elements
Air mobile, mechanized special forces division.

Division command can assign per mission/time period elements of the 3rd Brigade.
To the 1st/2nd Brigade and/or 1st/2nd Wing to support mission(s)/operation(s)
This leaves the Division commander with a better selection of personnel per operation.
As each Brigade/Wing has a specific task/role and this allows for better allocation of resources.
Further more the 1st and 3th Battalion can be fully focused on the combat role it has.
The 1ste wing will have support staff as per normal but will be receiving extra support from 2de.

1st/2nd/6th Battalion are all special forces but with a wide spectrum of abilities.

3rd/4th/7th/8th are special forces with specific training or will receive additional training.

9th Battalion is for armoured vehicles in a offensive/defensive context.

5th/10th Battalion are to provide a secure Base/FOB for operations/training.
These can been seen a regular troops but with special equipment such as night vision/AT/AA etc.
These Battalion can be seen as mechanized using the Stryker series vehicle.

3rd Brigade provides service/technical and maintenance to the 1st/2nd Battalion.
And also the 1st/2nd Wing with additional expertise, also FOB construction/maintenance.
Additional logistics/supply and a Human resources Battalion that provides services.

1st/2nd Wing provides transport/insertion/extraction/medevac/logistics and air support.
They will be serviced there own maintenance crews but can receive additional support from 3rd .

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