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Knight Raiders Special Warfare Division, The birth of an idea and concept.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

KR Div, Original concept Part VI, Missions Goals/Uniform and Legal Issue's.

Mission Goals:
Rapid Response, Covert Ops, Black Ops, Hostage Rescue, Raiding Party's,
Anti Pirating Ops, Disruption of hostile groups by eliminating the leadership.
And/or any other situation that requires specialist attention.

For some UN mission there is a lack of specialized troops.
This could be resolved by giving it a UN approval and provide specialist support.
Also the goal is not to set-up a permanent base but the be a quick reactions force.
Using a staging area would be required but no prolonged stay would also give it a less hostile idea towards locals who should by then end of the day run there own country.
A simple example: A country has a insurgency problem but does not have the man power to deal with this on it's own, this country can then put in a request at the UN/NATO for support.
When support is granted KR can move in and provide specialist support.

In order to give this force a mental shock effect on hostile s there will be no campaign, see this as a official time set window where operations will be conducted.
But when and how will be up to the KR Command, basically all the enemy knows "Death may be knocking on there door at any time but you never know when and how"
This will have a demoralizing effect on them since they need to be on there toes 24/7 and have no idea where/when/how they will be attacked.
This will prevent the group to recruit new members to some extend cause of the demoralizing effect.

In long term is to make them crap there pants even before shots are fired, cause of the formidable reputation KR will have.

Legal Representation:
This should be by the country of origin for legal representation.
What legal system under has yet to be decided, one uniform one or the host country's military code.
Legal fee's will be payed by KR since there under the command of KR.
Details have to be looked at with legal expertise to ensure conform under today’s laws.
Then a Military code should be drafted, signed and put into effect.

Regulations Compliance:
Medical, Aircraft and Fire regulations should be at least in compliance with local regulations.
But with operating in different country's it might be best to select the regulations that are the most demanding and use them across the board.
Preference goes to compliance above norm but without to much confusion and paperwork.
So using different regulations per items would be confusing and not compatible.
Where possible use the same regulations and apply them Division wide.
This includes FTA/FAA/CDC/Medical Board/ICAO regulations.

There will be the standard uniform dress uniform and camouflage uniform.
The Camouflage is being developed however if it fails RoggenWolf has some nice camo.
Depending on base location a correct standard uniform will be offered.
Additional camouflage uniforms will be available for terrain types
There will also be a dress uniform that will be Black with Red/and White accents.
All of the regular camouflage uniforms have to be durable and save with the best materials used.
The dress uniform will be for formal events and will have a more “fashionable” image.

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