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Knight Raiders Special Warfare Division, The birth of an idea and concept.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

KR Div, Original concept Part I, Weapons/Equipment/Vehicles/Aircraft.

Part I.
The crude concept for weapons, vehicles and aircraft.
Consider this work in progress and where needed information will updated.

Weapons Selection:
All weapons should be able where possible to be modified.
This included various scopes, triggers, munitions, sights, barrels and attachments.
Operatives will have the options to select there weapons from the armory per mission.
What operative A likes might not be operative B kind of taste, quality and performance are key.
The end result matters so a selection of various platforms should be made available.

General Purpose & Modular platforms:
SCAR L&H, Standard Barrel.
HK 416/417.
HK G36C.

AK 47(Modified by 3th party for increased accuracy/performance)

MG Platform, Heavy and Light:
SCAR MG Variant.

Sniper Platforms:

CQC Platforms:
SCAR H&L Short Barrel.
Benelli M3/M4 Tactical.

Side Arms:
Glock Variants.

Grenade Launchers:
Milkor MGL.
FN 40GL.

Specials Platforms:
FGM-148 Javelin.
Starstreak Variants.

M67 Frag Grenade.
M84 Stun Grenade.

Support Vehicles:
Self sustained and able to go any where, so a small selection of vehicles should be available.
The main form of transportation is Air but with a small selection of land/sea based vehicles.
Will need to included Emergency services for airport duty, where possible assist local fire fighters in case of an emergency.

NH-90 Special (24 + 6 spare)
TR-666 “Peasant Bus” (16 + 4 spare)
(8 + 2 spare)
(12 + 2 spare)
(4 + 1 spare)
( 8 + 2 spare)
(8 + 2 spare)
(16 + 4 spare)
(8 + 2 spare)
(4+ 1 spare)
(4 + 1 spare)
(16 + 4 spare)
(8 + 2 spare)
(16 + 4 spare)
(8 + 2 spare)
VIP Military Spec. (2)

Rigid Raider.
Mark V Special Operations Craft.

Hellcat MGS series.
RG 31/33 series.
Cougar Series.
Patria Series.
Support/Engineer Vehicles.

Emergency/Rescue Vehicles:
Need for regular fire fighting and aircraft fire fighting to maintain save environment.
Modified jeep/humvee and APC's can act a ambulances in every situation.
3th Brigade has all the medical services needed but fire fighting, rescue should be made available.
Fire Fighters can be recruited from civilians as they will never be deployed in a combat role.
And will augment the medical battalion with fire fighting/rescue expertise.
Each Base will have a small fire department to deal with structure/vehicle/aircraft emergency's.

Misc Gear:
There will be a need for various gear such as uniforms, spare parts etc etc.
Looked at closer this has to be calculated to find the right suppliers.
There will be a range of items that will have to be sorted/stored and maintained.

However I am developing my own set of camouflage what can be used exclusive for KR.
These have to be tested and then tested in the field to ensure performance.
For now this project is under development and until now I had little to no resources for testing.

Standard Division Weapons Platform(SDWP):
The standard weapons platform for the KR Div. will be the FN SCAR modular weapon system.
This will provide a assault rifle/battle rifle/sniper rifle and machine gun.
It will be easier to supply this to the 3th brigade and 1st wing as there standard weapons platform.
Will decrease the amount logistics needed to offer a range of platforms based on the same model.

It will be optional for the 1st and 2nd Brigade per mission/operation as proposed above.

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