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Knight Raiders Special Warfare Division, The birth of an idea and concept.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

KR Div, Original concept Part IV, KR HCB Org Chart.

As part of reforming the command structure normally used to a more efficient model.
Iteration 1 of the HCB for the KR Div.

Headquarters Command Company & Headquarters Command Troop:
Current HHC/HHT and H&S consist of 80 to 110 or even 270 personnel.
It might better to revamp the system as it is largely based on a old Prussian/French system.
Appears to seem sluggish and involves allot of paper work, fine tuning might be in order.
Speeding up decision making and flow of information up and down.

Dividing the initial staff in to 2 major groups
Group 1 will be directly involves with decision making with group 2 has a support role.
Group 1 tagged as E(Essential), Group 2 tagged as S(Support)
Then number roles per group with a identical number that is unique per group.
Essential(E): Operations(1), Intelligence(2), Logistics(3) and Signals(4).
Support(S): Administration(1), Planning(2), Training(3), PR(4) and Finance(5).
E reports directly to the CO speeding up decision making process. S reports Directly to the XO who then can either report to the CO or accumulate information/data to report later at a more convenient time.
When operations are under way a CO has no need on information on payroll or training.
He does need to be aware of troop movement(friendly or hostile), sufficient supply, casualties etc at a moments notice to ensure proper strategy(s) and deployment of resources.

However the amount of work(paperwork, logistics etc) incrementally increases as you go higher up the unit ladder.
You can adapt the system to accommodate this, use HCT, HCC and HCB.
HCB: Headquarters Command Battalion for units Division sized and up.
HCC: Headquarters Command Company for units at Battalion level and up.
HCT: Headquarters Command Troop for units of Company size.
These 3 command units can then actively share and conduct command and support operations.
All supporting each others effort in conducting Command and Control.
For instance every unit will need medical support, logistics, signals etc.
However there is no need for a Finance role in a Company sized unit, this should be done Brigade and up, finance should be handled by a single department and not various personnel scattered.
You will end up with a less personnel intensive system what is far more effective with less paper work making the whole system more cost effective.
But as these units are not the combat related units they do not have to have the exact numbers there combat counter parts would have, or can be augmented with other units.
Have a basic model of units with the option to augment with auxiliary units, modular system.
Simple example, a dental unit will augment a HCT for a week giving the combat company a standard dental and then move on, this can be seen as move to the next unit, be detached back to the HCB or back to the medical battalion.

HCB: Operations, Intelligence, Logistics, Signals, Administration, Planning, Training, PR and Finance.
HCC: Operations, Intelligence, Logistics, Signals, Administration and Training *
HCT: Operations, Intelligence, Logistics and Signals. *
* optional augmentation by support units.

Lettering branches based on there founding in history.
A = Army, B = Navy, C = Marines, D = Air force, J = Joint multiple services and S = Staff Roles above major.
Forward command post, various country's should not matter as it is a minor detail.
And does NOT reflect overall battle strategy, you need to know friendly, hostile and neutral.
Then use the normal icons to reflect unit id, armor, airborne, infantry, mechanized etc.

Making it possible to look at a map(digital or analogue)and get a overview in a single glance.

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