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Knight Raiders Special Warfare Division, The birth of an idea and concept.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

KR Div, Original concept Part II, Recruitment/Benefits and Housing.

The idea is to recruit  where possible from country's world wide.
The goal should be combining the best operatives in a single Division.
Had to be said not everyone is likely willing to work together for various political reasons.

End goal is to recruit the best of the best no matter creed and/or religion.
The Division CO/XO and command sergeant will be appointed by Paul.
Al other staff can be selected by the Division CO/XO.
All the way down to the platoons, so you end up with hand picked units and staff.
Offering the best group dynamic to create the best possible work "flow".

They will have the option of being mechanized with a option of armored vehicles.
It will also provide the option to mount a land based rescue if weather does not permit flying, with a small artillery company to provide fire support.

3th Brigade will mainly be made up of regulars but with craft skills.
They will have to have basic infantry training with emphasis on skills such as carpenter/welding/doctor/mechanic/engineering. etc.

Medical Benefits/Injury's:
All enlisted will have a 99% health insurance coverage, it was pointed out 100% would be impossible.
Also health insurance in general should be provided, this however is some what difficult since not a single private insurance company offer such extensive service.

Military Hospital/Trauma Center:
2 stationary hospitals, 1 level I and 1 Level III(CDC scale) and mobile field hospitals.
Each base will have a hospital, FOBS will make use of a field hospital(container set-up).
Level I care with a medical research program geared towards Military Medicine.
And will include HAZMAT, anti viral, rehabilitation center, after care.
Level III for regular treatments, transfer from field hospitals with referral to the level 1.

Both centers may (re)training for medics, fire fighters, other medical staff fulfilling a combat role to keep them fully update with the latest military medicine.
Hospitals may offer there services during emergency's, or to non-profit organisations such as V.A./Wounded Warrior.
Also host country may to some extend request assistance cooping with emergency (battle) injury's.
As the amount of patients fluctuates it is important to keep staff skill level optimal.
This can be done by having patients that are not from the Division.
Final protocols have to be drafted by the medical battalion.

The Center will be run and commanded by the Medical Battalion.
It's staff may augmented by civilian staff to have 1st class medical treatment.
These include research staff, doctors and other medical staff.

Monthly wage should be equal per rank no matter what country of origin.
Off course the higher your rank the higher your pay will be but this is commen practice.
Also a KR operative your monthly pay will be greater then any where in the world.
So higher then any Army/Private firm on a monthly basis.
Also the more qualifications you have will result in a better monthly wage.
Payment table should be drafted on a later date after sufficient data is acquired.

Base Selection:
Division HQ with airfield and access to salt/sweet water is key.
Could look at having 2 bases with access to a range of climates/terrain types.
This will have to be looked at in conjunction with country's willing to host the KR Div.
There is also need for a strategic placement to ensure fast deployment.
And shorter travel times from/to objectives/area of operations.
Base(s) will feature housing for all enlisted on site, including there direct family's.
All PreFab housing bought and build in bulk to keep costs down.
There will be a need for a range of housing, rented at a write of costs as there is no need for profit but a replacement build at the end of the live span of the house(s)
Single, Family small, Family medium and Officers housing.
Single(1-2): kitchen, living room, bed room, bath room, utility room.
Family small(3-4): kitchen, living room, bed room, bath room, utility room, children room, dinning room.
Family medium (4+): kitchen, living room, bed room, bath room, utility room, children room(s), dinning room.
Officers(4+): kitchen , living room, bed room, bath room, utility room, children room(s), study/office room, dinning room.
Might be possible on small variations when more information is gathered.
Enlisted/NCO/Lower cadre officers:
Blu Homes Elements 170.000 USD unit base price.
Blu Homes Orgin 150.000 USD unit base price.
Higher Cadre Officers etc:

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